Lava Hound/Lava Pup

Thrust out in big numbers after a Lava Hound dies, these tiny creatures keep up the fight for a little while longer.

Lava Pup


  • Lava Pups are spawned when a Lava Hound falls in battle. Although they vaguely resemble their parent troop in appearance, they are significantly stronger offensively and have only a tiny fraction of the Lava Hound's health.
  • When a Lava Hound dies, it splits into 8 Lava Pups at Level 1, 10 Lava Pups at Level 2, and 12 Lava Pups at Level 3.
  • Because they fly, Cannons and Mortars cannot attack them.

Offensive Strategy

  • A group of Lava Pups can be wiped out by a single Air Bomb, so try to trigger it with the Lava Hound to make the Lava Pups live longer.
  • Like Tier 1 troops, they're vulnerable to Wizard Towers, so distract them by more durable units.

Upgrade Strategy

  • There are currently no upgrade differences.
Preferred Target Ground & Air Movement Speed Attack Speed Range
Any Ground & Air 32 1s 2
Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hitpoints
1 35 35 50