Earthquake Spell

Weaken walls and buildings with crippling earthquakes! Earthquake Spells cause structures to lose a portion of their remaining hitpoints. Walls are especially vulnerable to this effect. Earthquake Spells can also cause structures that are almost destroyed to collapse instantly!

Earthquake Spell
Radius Housing Space Targets Favourite Target Hits Time to Create Dark Spell Factory Level Required
3.5 tiles 1 Buildings & Walls Walls (Effect x4) 3 15m 2

Like its name, this spell earthquake spell can do a small earthquake on a certain area and damage all buildings inside the ring, lose a portion of their remaining HP. Your loot in storages can’t be affected by not only this spell but also all other ones in game.

Level Cost Brew Time Upgrade Cost Building Damage Upgrade Time Laboratory Level Required
1 125 15min N/A 6% N/A N/A
2 140 15min 30,000 8% 6 days 6
3 160 15min 60,000 10% 8 days 7
4 180 15min 90,000 12% 12 days 8